Shake Up Your Bedroom This Spring

We all have our pet peeves/things that disgust us/things that we are particular about. I just to happen to be extremely picky about my bed.  All aspects of my bed. God forbid if someone sits on my bed with dirty clothes on.. or even worse, leaves their shoes on and props their feet up like it's no big deal. I'm also the freak in hotel rooms turning down the beds and examining the sheets before I slip under the covers.. and throwing the nasty top cover on the floor (if those even exist anymore?). One of my biggest no-no's in my house, and my family can attest to this, is having someone else sleep in my bed.. especially people that I don't know. My little brother knows a little bit about how much it pushes my buttons ;) With that being said, I'm sure you can imagine how I feel about the sheets and covers that I use on my bed, when I am so particular about everything else. To me, there is nothing better than organic beddingAt the end of the day, we go to our beds to relax and get a good night sleep, so why not make it healthy? I sure don't want to be tucked in with chemicals all night.

A question that some of my family members recently asked me when I told them what my latest post was about: "Organic bedding?? Seriously? Is it edible?" They either thought they were being funny or they were dead serious about not knowing the positive effects that organic bedding actually has. I thought I would take this opportunity to not only fill my dad and cousin in on the benefits, but you as well:
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Zero chemicals & non-toxic dyes 
  • Better at absorbing moisture  
  • Reduces the amount of harmful chemical compounds in the air 
  • Supports the organic farming industry 
  • Side note: don't get confused.. natural cotton is NOT the same as organic cotton. While buying natural cotton is getting you on the right track.. there are still dyes and chemicals in the finishing. Organic cotton is the only way to go if you want to gain all of these benefits! 
You'd be surprised that by simply changing your duvet cover- your room will feel new, refreshed and ready for the summer. I did this last year in my old apartment and it made all the difference. Of course this bedding choice has to be organic in order for me to get excited about it and have peace of mind. My favorite duvet covers this spring are from West Elm, the ultimate place to find eco-friendly/organic modern and chic furniture/decor/home accessories. You have to check it out if you haven't already! 

Simple with dimension. Let this duvet calm you down while the rest of the room brightens you up.

Spice up your neutral walls with this Ikat duvet cover

Bright, clean & earthy. Would look great with pops of color around your room

One of springs hottest colors-- think: Sunshine, Optimism & Happiness

Go on and get yourself a set of clean, crisp, organic sheets & a duvet cover. Not only will you bring some excitement to your bedroom, but you'll also be able to rest peacefully knowing that you're doing something good for yourself!


PS-- Friends, I am not disgusted with you when you sleepover. In fact, I love company. Don't you worry :) 

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